Mold Design And Manufacturing

Our number one goal at Bullmould is to ensure that our customers receive a product that they can truly rely on throughout their processes. Designing molds for manufacturability ensures Bullmould customers receive tooling that consistently produces high-quality results, always meeting their highest expectations. We work hard to ensure customers only receive the best resources for their needs. Our expertise in injection mold construction enables us to provide our customers with tools designed for maximum production efficiency, yielding injection mold products at competitive prices. Unlike products from other manufacturers, our molds are built to last while retaining their low price point. Through efficient injection mold designs, we are able to provide clients with low-maintenance molds, promoting greater tool longevity. And greater tool longevity leads to a long time that our clients will be able to keep producing their products.

Our Tooling Capabilities

We give our customers added value through our flexible production options, durable, long-lasting molds, and expert insight. By setting our aim on creating the most efficient plastic molds possible, Bullmould can save customers even more time and money. We work directly with our customers to establish their specific needs. Our tooling and molding specialists will work with customers to provide engineering support to optimize the product’s design for the best manufacturability at the lowest possible cost. No matter what format part files come in, we’ll be able to work with them. Our engineers can read 3D part files in formats such as Pro-Engineer (ProE), SolidWorks, IGES, and Step. Value-driven 2D and 3D file reviews, along with mold flow analysis capability, all help to ensure part moldability and error prevention. Plus, our team will ensure customers are never out of the loop on the status of their orders. Our disciplined tooling department utilizes Gantt charts and project reports to monitor and track each step of the mold-building process so that our customers know when to expect their T1 samples (first-stage test-shot samples) and quality documentation. We keep customers updated every step of the way. Bullmould delivers world-class results and competitive prices using the latest state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs.

Plastic Injection Molding Services

At Bullmould, we understand the demands of business-to-business e-commerce. Our experience as plastic manufacturers includes more than 20 years of service. We specialize in plastic injection molding services to create less expensive, more durable, and more accurate parts and components. Our facility operates 24/7/365 to meet your deadlines for just-in-time supplies.
Plastic injection molding is rapidly replacing other manufacturing methods as the preferred process for manufacturing plastic parts. The process can be used for a wide number of products and industries to reduce labor costs and minimize waste. We offer a wide selection of materials and guaranteed long-term repeatability.

Our Turnkey Manufacturing Solution

We are a turnkey factory that handles your manufacturing needs from product design to building a mold and shipping your assembled product. We use advanced applications and software to integrate with your current operating systems to deliver just-in-time manufacturing, complex product assembly services, mold making, and 3PL warehousing of your parts or products when you need them most.

We use Kanban’s lean manufacturing and logistics programs to cut costs and streamline production processes. These processes cut our production expenses so that we can charge even lower prices than those of other plastic manufacturers.

Our Full-Service Capabilities

Our work begins with tooling or designing a mold, for the plastic parts you need. We have machines that range from 80 tons to 850 tons so that we can handle your job no matter how large or complicated. Our tooling costs are low enough to make small-batch production and prototyping workable options. Our plastic injection molding process gives your company eco-friendly bragging rights when it comes to reducing its carbon footprint. There is minimal waste in the injection molding process and you can often use recycled plastic for greater product sustainability.