Bullmould - Your Go-To Mold And Plastic Manufacturing Company

For over 2 decades, we’ve helped businesses across a wide range of industries with the high-quality injection mold and plastic components, parts, and plastic manufacturing solutions they need to continue to grow.
Our proven mold manufacturing capability and injection molding process allow us to deliver high-volume mass production while keeping tight quality control.
Our quality management system is also:


ISO/TS 16949 compliant.

Design To Delivery Plastic Manufacturing Program Management

We can handle all of your businesses’ plastic manufacturing needs from idea to warehouse. Bullmold offers everything from mold making & repair to plastic injection molding to full-scale component assembly, labeling and packaging, and logistics services.

See how we’ve helped companies big and small across different industries to lower their production costs, reduce their time to market, and eliminate their logistics headaches.


Automotive components require extreme precision to ensure the safety of the vehicle. With a wide range of machine sizes, parts from small engine components to large exterior panels can be made at Bullmold. As autonomous driving, smart cars, and EVs continue to expand the complexity of product development we’ll be along for the ride.

Consumer Goods

Bullmould can help you drive design innovation and reduce costs. We’re here to help you choose the perfect materials for your unique products so you can focus on growing your SKUs. We are geared for high-volume production and sit in the hub of the world’s 3rd largest economies.


Specialized compounds are designed specifically for use in electronic devices, electronic housing systems, and electronic parts to ensure safety and reliability. ESD assembly and multicomponent builds allow us to send you turnkey parts ready for kit up.


Large parts, cosmetically appealing, and high volume is the key to molding for the hardware industry. Your customers are demanding and we can be an extension of your manufacturing wing to give you the ability to grow and.


From food to CPG to home goods, we’ve helped businesses protect their products with plastic.


As the global demand for renewable energy sources continues to surge, solar technology companies seek more efficient and cost-effective ways to manufacture their products.

Let Us Solve Your Plastic Manufacturing Headaches

We’re in the business of helping your business with all your plastic manufacturing needs. That’s why we seamlessly integrate our services into your supply chain.

Let’s talk about how you can start saving on manufacturing, and logistics while getting peace of mind from letting us handle the headache.